Whether it is the adventure of the African bush or the white beaches of Thailand your soul seeks, we will take you there.  Customised to your specific needs, interests and budget, Le Sommet will work with you to make your dream holiday a reality.   

South Africa


This  is the ultimate tourist attraction. Just thinking of this fascinating country seems to conjure up the sound of primeval drums and the roar of a lion – the king of the big five. Our dynamic country offers to the avid tourist such a wealth of natural beauty, partnered with the best climate in the world. The roads may not be the best in the world, but the thought of encountering wild animals or a tree falling across a main road in the Congo, makes the adventure just that  much more intense. For those of you who have a penchant for the road less travelled – South Africa is your destination!

Indian Ocean Islands


Sapphire blue sea, blinding white beaches and lingering holiday ambience –  Whether you are looking for a romantic holiday for two or a water enthusiast wanting to scuba dive or snorkle, the Maldives and Seychelles  has the ability to meet and exceed these expectations.



Indochina… which includes Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, is an unique land steeped in history and cultural diversity which stretches back through the centuries. Together these countries offer the discerning traveller a veritable treasure trove of unique experiences. Whereever you go you will find the old and the new competing for its place in the present.


Thailand & Bali

What these two countries have in common is the mystery that enshrouds them both. After all, they are both oriental countries with their own mysterious culture.  From crazy shopping days through to spiritual journeys at temples such as Besakih, Bali and Wat Pho, Thailand, this is truly an area of variety. Tourists will have the opportunity to explore the culture; what stands out is the extraordinary respect for elders and one another.   Here you will arrive as a stranger and walk away as a friend.